Education & Special Interest

Be it an online video e-learning course, the launch of a new product, or an educational package for use in schools and colleges, New Vision have the creative ability to deliver. More than ever, the world is turning to visual media and the need to keep up to date with modern trends and viewing platforms is ever demanding within this generation. With years of experience in creating bespoke content packages, wherever information needs to be imparted we can find the most effective way of presenting it to your chosen market.

Education is knowledge and knowledge is everything..


We’ve been producing documentaries for many years now and understand both the creative and real-world challenges they present. Sensitive, emotional and hard-hitting subject matter needs to be approached very differently to historical interest films. From travel documentaries to 5 minute shorts, we have the vision to film and create in the style you’re looking for, to produce the end product you want, for the International Television market or for your own website.


Corporate & Promotional

Corporate Identity is everything today and all relevant companies need some form of corporate or promotional film. New Vision Productions specialise in such projects and have, over the years, completed a wide range of commissions. From fairly small animations for the “one man band” right through to multi-national companies, a film can be produced for use as part of the company website or as part of a larger company presentation. We can film on location or “talking head” interviews can be undertaken at our on-site green screen studio.

Creative and sophisticated editing techniques, utilising dynamic motion graphics are used to maximise the impact of your company or product.

Corporate films can impart so much more information than so many other forms of promotion, giving the customer an instantly positive view on what you’re looking to promote. Talk to us about your ideas and we’ll help to make it happen.


Filming underwater is a very specialised skill and New Vision Productions have an on-staff crew able to gather footage in almost any location across the world. From the depths of a deserted shipwreck to the stunning visual beauty of the coral reef, our team can capture stunning underwater images on broadcast-level, highly specialised underwater equipment. Our team are primarily film-makers, however, so therefore understand what is required to effectively capture the world beneath the oceans.

When there is perhaps only one chance to capture the subject and the possibility for direction is understandably limited, you can trust New Vision to deliver, at whatever depth…


Aerial images are becoming ever more popular and the use of UAV’s opens up a whole new dimension on many subject matters. However, with this technical leap forward comes a number of elements: Safe flying, technical know-how and of course the realisation that a man with a drone does not suddenly become a film-maker. Aerial filming requires mandatory and ongoing training from a legal perspective, as well as a fundamental understanding of both the filming environment and the shots that will be most effective. New Vision have been using UAV’s for many years now, are fully qualified and insured and as you can see from the clips below, can utilise aerial equipment in a diversity of environments.